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Compliance departments are constantly being asked to do more with less, and they’re enabled in this quest by a raft of new tools utilizing A.I., blockchain, big data analysis and other technology to help sift through the mountains of data produced by global companies. This is an exciting time to be in compliance, and our contributors lay out the cutting-edge approaches they’re taking in their organizations.

Intact Financial: Guardrails for AI? Collaborating to Set New Principles

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  Maryann Besharat VP, Legal Affairs & Compliance Services, Intact Financial Corporation With advances in machine learning and other forms of big data and artificial intelligence, more and more corporations are using massive data lakes to better target and serve their customers. However, the standards for ethical data use are still being ...

How Mature? Putting Your Ethics & Compliance Program to the Test

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Ethics and compliance has shifted rapidly from simple concerns about regulatory compliance to wide-ranging conversations about company culture, reputation, and risk. The tools that ethics and compliance teams use—program assessments, culture surveys, and the like—have largely remained either high-level or very intensive, making it difficult to pinpoint problem areas or identify solutions, or requiring ...

Global Portfolio of Innovation: KKR Advances Compliance Worldwide

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As the Global Chief Compliance Officer for investment firm KKR, Bruce Karpati faces an interesting challenge: making sure KKR’s own practices remain best-in-class in a highly regulated industry, while simultaneously keeping the companies in which KKR invests up to snuff. Karpati spoke with Ethisphere Magazine about how innovation, and his work with Ethisphere, helps ...

Lost in a Cyber Second: Protecting Information and Mitigating Cyber Risk

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Imagine this scenario: A Wall Street Journal reporter is on the phone and wants to know how a trove of your company’s confidential data—including customer credit card information, employee social security numbers, confidential emails, and future product plans—ended up on the dark web. What steps do you take? What notifications need to be made? ...

Innovations in Compliance: Lessons from the World’s Most Innovative Companies

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Innovation—the buzzword everyone loves to hate. But over the last decade, as companies struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change and the exponential rise in public and private expectations, innovation has become more than a buzzword. It has become an imperative for moving business forward. As ...