Compliance departments are constantly being asked to do more with less, and they’re enabled in this quest by a raft of new tools utilizing A.I., blockchain, big data analysis and other technology to help sift through the mountains of data produced by global companies. This is an exciting time to be in compliance, and our contributors lay out the cutting-edge approaches they’re taking in their organizations.

The Final Word

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Some Reflections and a Not-Goodbye Today, I have the strange and distinct pleasure of writing a column that is not Speaking Up, our Letter from the Editor. After more than four years with Ethisphere Magazine, I have passed the pen to the capable hands of Bill Coffin, who you’ve already met on p.7 of this ...

Spotlight On…Best-In-Class Programs

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FedEx, WSP, AECOM, and SABIC share their best practices Throughout the year, Ethisphere’s Data and Services team conducts full program assessments for companies looking to benchmark against our Ethics Quotient® (EQ) data set and have our experts conduct an analysis of the program and corporate culture in six key areas: Program Resources and Structure; Perceptions ...

VF Corporation Goes Above and BEYOND

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How a leading apparel company’s next-level compliance training program uses innovative session design to drive engagement and build internal partnerships VF Corporation is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of lifestyle apparel and footwear across a broad family of globally recognized brands, including Vans®, The North Face®, Timberland®, Dickies®, Altra®, Eastpak®, Icebreaker®, JanSport®, Kipling®, Napapijri®, ...

2022 E&C Data Analytics Trends

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The Next 12 Months Will Be All About Data and How We Use It Ethics and compliance don’t necessarily feel like technology-driven disciplines, but in recent years, that is very much what they have become. From due diligence validation, to artificial intelligence and machine learning, to program automation and more, the technology in this space ...

World’s Most Ethical Companies: Arm – Carolyn Herzog

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Carolyn Herzog EVP, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Arm Semiconductors Partnership is at the heart of Arm’s business—the company licenses its microprocessor designs to its partners, with whom it works to create chip designs to meet their specific needs. “Partnering is a very different concept, and partners are very much the core ...

Technology: The New Frontier of Compliance

By |2020-09-15T21:32:20+00:00September 15th, 2020|Digital Innovation|

History has shown us that crises lead to major disruptions in our systems at all levels. Sadly, there are many opportunists willing to take advantage of these temporary lapses to further their own wellbeing through favoritism and out-and-out corruption. This occurs in both the public and private sectors in the form of preferential treatment, ...

A Peek Inside’s Bayer’s Privacy Diary

By |2020-10-28T19:57:01+00:00August 27th, 2020|***RSS BELA Member, Cyber Security, Digital Innovation, Legal and Regulatory, South Asia|

Dear Diary, Today, I found myself asking “how do people really get to me?” Not that I live under a rock, but in the sense, why do I receive so many calls? SMS Messages? Emails? Asking if I would be interested in products and services I’ve never subscribed to! These unprecedented times of COVID-19, have ...

[WATCH] Training Best Practices in a Virtual World

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The closing plenary session at Day 2 of the Canada Ethics Summit, featuring leaders from LRN Corporation, Magna International, and The Co-operators Group. The group discusses the transition of training to the virtual environment in light of COVID-19.

Intact Financial: Guardrails for AI? Collaborating to Set New Principles

By |2020-07-20T22:59:58+00:00June 9th, 2020|Compliance and Ethics, Digital Innovation, Risk and Reputation|

  Maryann Besharat VP, Legal Affairs & Compliance Services, Intact Financial Corporation With advances in machine learning and other forms of big data and artificial intelligence, more and more corporations are using massive data lakes to better target and serve their customers. However, the standards for ethical data use are still being ...

How Mature? Putting Your Ethics & Compliance Program to the Test

By |2019-12-06T23:28:29+00:00December 6th, 2019|Compliance and Ethics, Digital Innovation|

Ethics and compliance has shifted rapidly from simple concerns about regulatory compliance to wide-ranging conversations about company culture, reputation, and risk. The tools that ethics and compliance teams use—program assessments, culture surveys, and the like—have largely remained either high-level or very intensive, making it difficult to pinpoint problem areas or identify solutions, or requiring ...

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