South Asia

Multi-national companies and local organizations share the approaches they’re taking to solve compliance challenges in a dynamic region.

[WATCH] General Electric on the Growing Value of Business Ethics Worldwide

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September, 2018 will mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of Ethisphere’s Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) South Asia Chapter in India. Together with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the largest industry association in India, whose mission is to create an environment conducive for the growth of industry in the country, the BELA ...

South Asia Ethics Summit: India in the Age of Good Governance and Purpose

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Whether in the private or public sectors, addressing the growing trust deficit around the world has been a challenge. Almost every study shows that consumers and investors, regardless of region, are becoming increasingly aware of those companies that adhere to a set of values shared by the community – and those that do not. ...

A South Asia Primer: Challenges and Risks of Doing Business in India

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Global companies doing business in India should be aware of the heightened risk of corruption, particularly if they use third parties to promote their business, obtain licenses, permits, and authorizations, or otherwise represent companies before government authorities (sometimes referred to as "liaisoning"). In addition, organizations should know about the increased enforcement risks, both in ...

A Tiger Changes Stripes: The Influence of BELA in India

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The sprawling country of 1.3 billion people that produced the likes of Ghandi and built the Taj Mahal has become a powerful influence in the global economy. Yet the perception of the business climate in India, which has also produced highly regarded CEOs among notable Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and PepsiCo, often ...

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