Value Chain and Third Party

Increasingly, companies are realizing that operating an ethical business extends beyond how their own employees behave—they’re also responsible for choosing ethical partners and suppliers, and monitoring those links. These challenges are particularly acute for multinationals operating around the world. Our contributors weigh in on how you can evaluate your third party relationships and build capacity in your value chain.

[WATCH] World’s Most Ethical Companies Third-Party Risk Management

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Ethisphere is excited to launch of volume two of its 2020 World’s Most Ethical Companies® Insights Report series. The report covers Third-Party Risk Management and offers insights into how World’s Most Ethical Companies honorees are addressing the selection and onboarding of third parties and ongoing compliance oversight. It covers due diligence, third-party codes, communications and ...

[WATCH] Ahold Delhaize: Changing Regulations and Supply Chain Challenges

By |2020-07-20T23:19:10+00:00May 21st, 2020|COVID-19, Value Chain and Third Party|

In this conversation, Nathan Prater, VP Global Compliance and Ethics for international food retailer Ahold Delhaize, covers a wide array of topics centering on how the grocery giant is balancing being "essential business" while keeping up with constantly-changing local and federal regulations, supply chain issues to keep the shelves stocked, and simply keeping associates ...

3M LatAm: Channel Partner Due Diligence

By |2020-07-20T23:15:25+00:00April 15th, 2020|Latin America, Value Chain and Third Party|

Roberta Kanawaty Paoloni, Ethics & Compliance Lead Counsel, US & Canada, 3M If you work with ethics and compliance, I am pretty sure the topic of “third party due diligence appeared in  your email inbox at least once this week, either because you received an email offering services to conduct due diligence, ...

AT&T: Third Party Standards & Audits

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Raphael V. Estrada, AVP of Compliance, AT&T Mexico In 2017, on a rainy summer afternoon in Mexico City, news breaks on the radio, about Odebrecht—a Brazilian construction company that could be linked to Mexico’s president and entourage in the financing of his campaign back in 2011. The report also mentions the involvement of former ...

World’s Most Ethical Companies: SERTECPET

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Eduardo Lopez Chairman & CEO SERTECPET The World’s Most Ethical Companies is truly a global collection of exemplary organizations. While many of the honorees are multinationals based in the United States, there is a significant and growing portion of the list from other regions of the world. SERTECPET, an Ecuadorean energy company and first-time ...

World’s Most Ethical Companies: L’Oréal

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Emmanuel Lulin Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics Officer L’Oréal While having a reputation for ethics and integrity benefits all companies, brands with a direct consumer relationship arguably have the most at stake. Few companies have a more intimate relationship with their customers’ lives than L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company. Millions rely on its ...

SABIC: Promoting Values and Transparency for Growth

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national development strategy, “Vision 2030,” is an ambitious proposal that aims to build upon the country’s geographic location, resources, and unique strengths and capabilities. It challenges all Saudis to create an environment that unlocks business opportunities at home and abroad, strengthens the economy, and creates jobs. ...

Browder’s Battles: An Interview with the Anti-Corruption Crusader

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Bill Browder’s life story is about as unlikely as they come: grandson of a prominent American Communist, he entered the world of high finance and became the single largest foreign investor in post-Soviet Russia, until his whistleblowing on corrupt oligarchs caused him to be thrown out of the country and one of his lawyers, ...

Morrison & Foerster: Understanding the Latest DOJ Guidance

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James Koukios speaking on a panel at the Mexico City Ethics Summit in May 2019 What does the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) expect of a corporate compliance program? How does the DOJ evaluate whether a compliance program meets those expectations? And how can a company proactively shape its compliance program to meet ...

[WATCH] Evaluating Cybersecurity Gaps Across the Value Chain

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Moderator: Pamela Passman, Vice Chair, Ethisphere Panel: Rachel Armstrong, Global Legal Lead -Security Services, Accenture Mark Bannon, Head of Cyber, UK, AIG Paul Ryan, Chief Security Officer, Dell Financial Services