Value Chain & Third Party

Increasingly, companies are realizing that operating an ethical business extends beyond how their own employees behave—they’re also responsible for choosing ethical partners and suppliers, and monitoring those links. These challenges are particularly acute for multinationals operating around the world. Our contributors weigh in on how you can evaluate your third party relationships and build capacity in your value chain.

Dell Technologies: Partnering with Ethisphere for Integrity

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Henrique Barcelos works in the family business, a technology solution provider called LTA-RH based out of the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. Many members of Henrique’s family play a role in its operations, and the company sells almost exclusively to the public sector in a country recently notorious for corruption investigations. While it ...

SABIC: Promoting Values and Transparency for Growth

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national development strategy, “Vision 2030,” is an ambitious proposal that aims to build upon the country’s geographic location, resources, and unique strengths and capabilities. It challenges all Saudis to create an environment that unlocks business opportunities at home and abroad, strengthens the economy, and creates jobs. ...

Browder’s Battles: An Interview with the Anti-Corruption Crusader

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Bill Browder’s life story is about as unlikely as they come: grandson of a prominent American Communist, he entered the world of high finance and became the single largest foreign investor in post-Soviet Russia, until his whistleblowing on corrupt oligarchs caused him to be thrown out of the country and one of his lawyers, ...

Morrison & Foerster: Understanding the Latest DOJ Guidance

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James Koukios speaking on a panel at the Mexico City Ethics Summit in May 2019 What does the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) expect of a corporate compliance program? How does the DOJ evaluate whether a compliance program meets those expectations? And how can a company proactively shape its compliance program to meet ...

[WATCH] Evaluating Cybersecurity Gaps Across the Value Chain

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Moderator: Pamela Passman, Vice Chair, Ethisphere Panel: Rachel Armstrong, Global Legal Lead -Security Services, Accenture Mark Bannon, Head of Cyber, UK, AIG Paul Ryan, Chief Security Officer, Dell Financial Services

Better Safe Than Sorry: Top Five Steps to Reduce Corruption with Third Parties

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To do business today, companies rely on far-flung, interconnected networks of third-parties. Local partners offer market knowledge and in some cases, these partnerships are legally required. But ensuring anti-corruption compliance by third parties over whom a company may have little control can be a complex task. In emerging markets, ...

Global Portfolio of Innovation: KKR Advances Compliance Worldwide

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As the Global Chief Compliance Officer for investment firm KKR, Bruce Karpati faces an interesting challenge: making sure KKR’s own practices remain best-in-class in a highly regulated industry, while simultaneously keeping the companies in which KKR invests up to snuff. Karpati spoke with Ethisphere Magazine about how innovation, and his work with Ethisphere, helps ...

Cyber Enforcement Picks Up…And New Risks Emerge

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You know your company’s data is a valuable asset and that you have to protect it. But how well do you know what your company actually does with its data and where it stores it? And how well do you know how data-protection regulators around the world would view your company—and the adequacy of your ...

Beyond Certification: Consider Other Ways ISO 37001 Can Help Improve Programs

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In risk and compliance circles, ISO 37001—the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard—continues to spark debate, with many of the discussions focusing on certification. This is a worthy topic, but even for companies not quite ready to take the certification leap, ISO 37001 can still offer value. ...

Kroll Report: Opaque Ownership Fastest-Growing Concern

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The new 2018 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Study by Kroll and the Ethisphere Institute shows how companies are hitting a 'third party data refresh' for effective risk mitigation and defense. For the second consecutive year, third-party violations of anti-bribery and corruption laws top the list of perceived risks for compliance professionals surveyed for the 8th annual Anti-Bribery ...