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Cybersecurity: Is Your Board Leading by Example?

This webcast was created by our partners at Diligent, the leading provider of secure corporate governance and collaboration solutions for boards and senior executives. For more information visit Below are some highlights from the webcast: Cybersecurity: Is your board leading by example?

Diligent host: Good morning everyone. Thanks for taking the time to join today’s webinar with Diligent on the subject of cybersecurity. For some of you this is the third webinar you have attended in our series. We hope you found the first two useful. For those of you who are joining us for the first time today, welcome.

I’m joined today by my colleague Charlie Horrell who is the managing director for Diligent in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region. Before we get started today I have a couple of housekeeping notes. This webinar will last about 30 minutes. We are recording it and a copy of the webinar will be sent to everybody that registered within the next 24 hours. If you’d like to ask any questions during today’s webinar you can do so by the ask a question pane on the right hand side of your screen. We’ll answer as many questions as we have time for. Anything that we don’t we’ll come back to you over email.

Finally, we have a couple of polls that we would very much like you all to participate in and you can do so using the voting buttons, again on the right hand side of your screen. With that I would like to hand you over to Charlie to go through the main part of today’s presentation.

Charlie : Welcome to you all. I’m delighted that you’re joining us this morning. This is the agenda we would like to go through with you. Firstly to look at the landscape of cybersecurity and the threats they represent and why they are important to all of us. Four myths concerning security and in particular the documents you may send to your board members and how to keep them secure. Lastly, a little bit about Diligent Board security features and how they can help you keep your information confidential and secure.

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