We have partnered with Voya Financial, Inc to create this special report titled, “Diversity – An Investment That Pays”.

In the following pages of this Ethisphere publication, we have focused on the practical, including very specific steps that you can take as you begin to think about diversity across your company. The report periodically cites interesting and insightful pieces of research that will provide additional information, should you wish to look further into a particular area, and each hyperlink is live. You will be encouraged to think differently about pay transparency as a critical window into gender equity and look at the linkage between transparency and equity and the financial benefit of a boosted economy that would result.

Moreover, you will hear from various leaders from Voya, CSAA Insurance Group, Pipeline, the NBA, Ingredion, and EVERFI, who share what they’re focused on when it comes to diversity and inclusion and how they work with others across the company to create strong and effective programs.

Click here to download this report and listen to an exclusive podcast on diversity featuring Voya Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rodney O. Martin, Jr. and Ethisphere’s Chief Content Officer Stefan Linssen.