Environmental, Social, and Governance

ESG topics—related to environmental, social, and governance issues—have become an area of focus for companies in the last few years. Increasingly, investors and the public expect companies to attend to the needs of many stakeholders beyond just shareholders. With greater scrutiny have come greater expectations around metrics, measurement, program structure, and concrete commitments. This new focus on ESG has also challenged companies to engage cross-functionally in new ways.

The ESG Issue

“The Super ESG Issue” of Ethisphere Magazine examines the heightened scrutiny of ESG issues by consumers, investors, regulators, and potential clients. Contributors include investors, proxy services, as well as in-house ESG professionals giving their analysis on the state of ESG metrics.


Environmental, Social, and Governance

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An in-depth conversation with Mahindra’s Group HR President Ruzbeh Irani. Interview by: Aarti Maharaj, Managing Director, BELA South Asia Ethisphere spoke to Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group Human Resources and ...