Company reputation is on the line every day. No matter the size of the company or how vast its global operations, the company and its leadership are exposed to an increasing number of threats that can dismantle even the most reputable companies, which can take years and substantial resources to rebuild. The traditional threats like bribery and corruption are now joined with growing concerns from data breaches, whistleblowing and social irresponsibility. Mainstream media coverage and widespread social media on these issues put company reputation in the spotlight, making any company misstep hard to ignore and often impossible to forget. Careful management and proactive controls to monitor threats is key and response during times of potential crisis will often make or break the company. This panel will share insights on sustaining reputation and steps companies can take to preserve integrity during even the most challenging times.


Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO, GEC Risk Advisory and Author for The Reputation Risk Handbook GEC Risk Advisory

Felipe Faria, Regional Compliance Officer for LATAM SNC-Lavalin

Sonsoles Rubio Reinoso, Chief Compliance Officer for Iberdrola