Glenn Leon, Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise spoke to Ethisphere about his Global Ethics Summit experience and why benchmarking your Ethics and Compliance program matters. In the interview, Leon highlights the importance of creating targeted training “you want people to read it, absorb it and act on it,” he says. Here are some excerpts from Leon’s interview:

Ethisphere: What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s Global Ethics Summit?

Leon: I am looking forward to benchmarking, networking and learning. When I first walked in this morning and opened the door, the first person speaking was a former colleague of mine at the Department of Justice and someone I’ve stayed in touch with and we’ve mutually networked– and to me, that’s a great sign of what’s to come.

EthisphereIs there a specific project your team has launched in the past year or so that you are particularly proud of?

Leon: I’ve inherited a good program and it is clear for any program to be successful you need to evolve or keep on changing. One thing I am very proud of is our training and communications. We have noticed a while back that we have a solid Standards of Business Conduct or Code of Conduct and training but our sense was there’s always room for improvement. So we took a step back and gave our Standards of Business Conduct training a long hard look and what we did with this training, in particular, was we whiteboarded it.

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