If you combine robust compliance standards with a healthy culture of ethics and integrity, good things will surely follow. At Dell, what matters most is earning the trust of the customers with whom we do business. Afertall, winning at business isn’t winning if it’s not done the right way. In the following article, Dell’s Mark Pringle highlights Dell’s transparent world and why it stands apart from its peers.


Michael Dell, Founder and CEO, Dell.

Over my 13 years, Dell has always been a wonderful company to work for. The leadership team has done a great job of figuring out how to win at business and also build the right relationship with customers. Creating a high performing business like this involves creating strong performing individual teams, operating at a high level, with integrity in everything we do. This is how we approach our supply chain processes and we are recognized as one of the global leaders in supply chain practices as a result.

What satisfies most in my role is how we drive core values throughout our supply chain and ensure suppliers are operating with a high level of integrity. Ultimately, it comes down to trust: you can really drive those internal core values when you and your suppliers have a strong relationship built on trust. This can be demonstrated by the level of dialogue and engagement in place through supplier days, regional roundtables and capability building training sessions amongst other things. If you build that trust, you will build strong partners in the supply chain and be successful.

To accomplish this, our top values are driven down from our leadership team. Integrity is one of those key top values. That’s the foundation of the kind of company you’d want to work for and Michael Dell has consistently driven that message.

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