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The Current State of Anti-Bribery and Corruption

In our most recent Ethicast series, Ethisphere chatted with Joe Spinelli, Senior Managing Director, Kroll about Anti-Bribery and Corruption enforcement in 2017 and beyond. Hear more from Kroll at our 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit.

Highlights from the interview:

Ethisphere: My first question to you is how does the Anti-Bribery and Corruption report, in your view, help reshape and advance the industry?

Spinelli: I think the report itself is a great way of identifying insights into specific problematic areas that have to be addressed if your company is going to have an effective FCPA compliance program. Specific areas such as risk assessments, which always have to be the first real step to ensuring that you have an effective FCPA program, and tying those risks to your policies and procedures and the standards that are composed through FCPA compliance programs.

Ethisphere: A lot of companies still struggle with due diligence. We hear a lot about effective due-diligence—can it ever be achieved or perfected?

Spinelli: Well I think it all starts with the DOJ’s opinion release, 08-02, which was very concise with the expectations. The expectation and the mandate for corporations were you have to risk rank your third parties into high, medium or low categories and those third parties who fall into the high-risk category would require enhanced due-diligence. Full transcript available here.

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