Lucy Fato, General Counsel, Managing Director and Head of the Americas, Nardello & Co., spoke to Ethisphere about culture and measuring the integrity of an organization in light of a new administration. At our upcoming 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit, Fato and other industry experts from GE, L’Oréal, and LRN will take a closer look at culture during a plenary session on Day 1 of our Global Ethics Summit. For more about Fato’s panel, click here.  

Highlights from the interview:

Ethisphere: Lucy, you are a well-respected leader in the legal profession and you recently moved over to Nardello & Co. Can you tell us more about your new role? 

Fato: I joined Nardello & Co. as Managing Director and Head of the Americas last fall. I am also the Global General Counsel for the firm and I spend a lot of time on the business side as well and that includes overseeing our business in the Americas and most of our work is done through our New York City and Washington, DC offices. I work very closely with Dan Nardello, our CEO, on strategies for the firm and areas that we are currently in and new areas we want to get into that can help grow our revenues. So, as a Managing Director, I am in a very business oriented role trying to develop business as we think about new and different areas where we can leverage the great brand and reputation that Dan had created over the last 14 years since he started the firm.

Ethisphere: At this year’s Global Ethics Summit, we have a variety of sessions with diverse industries which ones are you looking forward to the most?

Fato: One of the reasons I am looking forward to attending the Summit is to attend panels that touch on culture and how to build the business case for certain topics because it is an important area of focus for Compliance Officers and General Counsels. Ultimately, I am looking forward to attending sessions that cover topics including: employee engagement, education, and responding to hotline issues.