Jeffrey Eglash, Vice President, Ethics and Compliance, Nokia chats with Ethisphere about what it means to build a culture of leadership and accountability. In this episode, Eglash also provides his thoughts on how compliance adds value to the business, a topic which will be explored further at our 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit.

Highlights from the interview:

Ethisphere: So Jeffrey, you’ve worked in compliance at GE for many years and you’ve gathered a lot of experience here. Your panel at the Global Ethics Summit will focus on how compliance adds value to the business. From your experience can you explain why this is becoming increasingly important?

Eglash: It’s a great question and it’s a timely question, Aarti. For a long time, I heard a number of business leaders talk about the value of compliance from a commercial standpoint. I guess I didn’t always know that that was actually the case in real life. More and more what I’m seeing is that it truly does matter to have a solid program, culture and a strong commitment to integrity.

Ethisphere: Merging with another company can usher in many challenges, but when it comes to compliance integration what challenges have you encountered and how do you ensure that your program continues to be effective?

Eglash: It’s interesting because in my last job before coming to Nokia I was responsible for compliance integration between two companies, which had different backgrounds. In my current role it’s no secret that Alcatel had some compliance challenges in the past. They had a compliance monitor that helped them build up a terrific program and in many ways the program that Alcatel built up was a bit different. Full transcript available here.