Are investors and CEOs aligned on their outlook on key business issues? Our survey takes a look.

PwCCEOs make many decisions as heads of their companies, all while trying to steer their companies toward long-term growth. The issues CEOs face factor into investors’ decisions about where to put their money. Some issues may affect and impact investors differently. So where do investors and CEOs align, and where do their opinions differ?

Earlier this year, PwC released our 19th Annual CEO Survey, and now, for the first time, we’ve given investors the chance to weigh in on the same set of questions. PwC’s Governance Insights Center has six insights to share with you. Here are the highlights:

  1. Investors are more cautious about growth. 
  2. Investors and CEOs are aligned on where they want to invest. 
  3. Threats outweigh opportunities. 
  4. There is a technology and talent threat. 
  5. Talent is a top priority.
  6. There are changing expectations about measurement and communication…especially with respect to innovation and strategy. 

Download the full report with all the details here.

If you’d like to discuss the findings in greater detail, please contact Paula Loop.

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This post was submitted by our partners at PwC Governance Insights Center.