Melissa Nandi, Vice President, Law, and Chief Compliance Officer at Rockwell Automation, recently spoke to Ethisphere about training employees around the globe and her panel on “The ROI of Compliance” at our upcoming 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit. Nandi’s session will be held on Day 1 of the Summit and will include leaders from Nokia, PepsiCo, and NAVEX Global. Read more about the panel.

Highlights from the interview:

Ethisphere: I know you’ve attended our Global Ethics Summit in the past – what are some of your most important takeaways?

Nandi: One of the things that stood out to me when I attended my first Global Ethics Summit is to have this mindset of continuous improvement because compliance work is never done and that can be a challenge. You don’t cross the finish line, you just keep on going and you have look for ways to weave your compliance goals into the company’s regular business processes.

Ethisphere: Can you talk more about your compliance program and incentivizing employees around the world?

Nandi: We see integrity as a key differentiator and we get feedback from employees all the time. They care about this issue. We know it helps us attract and retain the best employees and interns. For example, we had an Engineering intern in Australia and when he went back to school he wrote a piece about his internship experience and in that summary he mentioned our ethics training, which is something we provide to new hires as soon as they arrive.