U.S. Bank’s Chief Ethics Officer, Katie Lawler, spoke to Ethisphere Executive Editor Tyler Lawrence about the concept of “psychological safety,” how important it is to a speak-up culture, and her program’s efforts to train managers throughout U.S. Bank on how to create psychologically safe environments for employees to speak their minds.

As Global Chief Ethics Officer for U.S. Bank, Katie Lawler serves as the company’s leading voice and ambassador on the importance of maintaining a strong ethical, compliance-based corporate culture. She regularly advises and support executive leadership in evaluating ethics expectations and establishing and enforcing ethics policies. The Global Ethics Office is responsible for developing and implementing enterprise-wide ethics education and awareness programs and ethics policies including the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. The GEO manages the company’s Ethics Line, a confidential resource for employees to raise concerns or ask questions. The GEO ensures that complaints are thoroughly and appropriately investigated and provides regularly reporting to executives and the Audit Committee of the board on Ethics Line activity and the overall global ethics program.

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