In our latest Ethics Talk interview, Amyn Thawer, Head of Compliance & Integrity, LinkedIn discusses how the social media company sustains a culture of transparency around the globe.

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Interview highlights

Compliance at LinkedIn

Amyn: Just like the business innovates, they expect us to innovate along side them. So what that means is we really think about how we scale our operations, how we create efficiencies, and how we deliver content training guidance in ways that really resonate and that you can measure. For me, I think, rather than having a conventional program we really are breaking down all the current conventions and restarting and building something that’s really that’s uniquely designed for LinkedIn.

Social Media: How Compliance Supports Leadership

Amyn: The questions that we get from the business about compliance integrity really revolve around the freedom to operate their businesses and to disrupt the status quo. What I mean by that is that our business today in flex, in that social media is a relatively new phenomenon. The laws in this space haven’t been cemented and so we’re working in a lot of grey and nuanced areas.

Transparency as a Differentiator

Amyn: Every company has some kind of big hairy audacious goal and so what I feel like sometimes what companies miss out on is tying in their culture and values to demonstrate how they can help the company achieve those ambitious targets.