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World’s Most Ethical Companies: Arm – Carolyn Herzog

Carolyn Herzog

EVP, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer



The collaborative instincts that Arm built up with its partner ecosystem have also come into play since it became part of the SoftBank family in 2016. “We really appreciate the collaboration we’ve had with the compliance team at SoftBank. Being able to compare practices and learn from each other has been hugely beneficial,” Herzog says. “The process by which we approach ethics and compliance is absolutely considered leading within the SoftBank family.”

One area where Arm’s leadership of its partner network has been indispensable is around the emerging architecture of AI ethics. For Herzog, the value that legal and ethics professionals bring to AI is clear. “Engineers are thinking about all the great stuff this wonderful technology can do, and I would never try to do this without them! But you need a diverse group of people to look at these signs and look for potential for harm, including avoiding bias that can be discriminatory or illegal” she says. “We think having that framework can help AI be to be used successfully globally.”

For Herzog, the transparent and collaborative approach to AI is part of the entire company’s work. “Ultimately, it’s all about trust, right? That’s what ethics is all about, and that’s what we want technology companies to be known for,” Herzog says. “We want to be known for developing technology for good. And I think Arm has established that reputation and we’re really proud of that.”

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