TK Kerstetter is CEO of Boardroom Resources LLC and host of “Inside America’s Boardrooms,” which is filmed at Nasdaq Marketsite.

Most of us have annual events we look forward to. For some it might be homecoming at their alma mater or maybe an annual family trip to a location filled with memories. Among the many personal and business events I anticipate each year, the most surprising may be reading the results of the Center for Audit Quality’s Main Street Investor Survey.

The anticipation of research results may seem academic to some, but as someone in the business with working with boards of directors of public companies, learning about investor confidence levels in the capital markets is a big deal. I’m equally interested in how investors are feeling about how key players—auditors, board members and corporate management— are looking after their interests.

This year’s results are especially important because we’ve seen several corporate meltdowns receive extensive media coverage. And it’s an important election year that is likely to influence markets. I was especially anxious to see if confidence levels across the board continued to climb as we gain distance on the financial debacle of 2008 through 2010.

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