At the 2019 Global Ethics Summit, Ethisphere spoke to Katie Lawler, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Ethics Officer, U.S. Bank about embedding culture and increasing transparency across the company. In this interview, Lawler also provides advice to new Ethics and Compliance Officers and explains how resources such as the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) serves as a  pivotal platform of connected leadership, vital to progressing company standards and practices. “I was building something new when I joined U.S Bank and while there are frameworks for what a Compliance program should look like but there aren’t frameworks for what an Ethics program should look like, so having access to thought leaders through BELA who mentored me as I was developing my program was incredibly valuable.”

Also in this interview, Lawler highlights:

  • How U.S.  Bank drives engagement through gamification
  • Embedding an ethical culture
  • Why benchmarking matters