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Editorial Guidelines


  • Ethisphere Magazine showcases thought leadership and case studies of excellence in action among leading corporate ethics, compliance, governance, legal and regulatory, and business integrity professionals. We are especially interested in highlighting the thought leadership and success stories of members of the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), our current partners and clients, and anyone within the business integrity space who has a compelling proof point to share or story to tell.
  • Content should speak to the professional challenges and opportunities faced by our core audience of ethics and compliance officers as well as focus on solutions more than merely highlighting problems. Articles should speak to best practices and innovations in the space and should not be overtly promotional of any particular product or service.
  • As a matter of editorial principle, Ethisphere Magazine does not publish any AI-generated content.
  • We publish our magazine four times a year:
    • Winter 2024 | Ethical AI
      • Submissions deadline: 12/20
      • Publishing date: 1/29
    • Spring 2024 | Ethical Culture
      • Submissions deadline: 3/15
      • Publishing date: 4/19
    • Summer 2024 | The World’s Most Ethical Companies
      • Submissions deadline: 6/14
      • Publishing date: 7/29
    • Fall 2024 | Boards & Leadership
      • Submissions deadline: 9/13
      • Publishing date: 10/28
  • Stories should meet one of the following length criteria:
    • 1,300 words (2 pages)
    • 2,000 words (3 pages)
    • 2700 words (4 pages)
    • Stories longer than 2,700 words should be considered as a series.
  • All content submissions to be in Word format, 11pt Calibri. Please include:
    • HeadlineSubheadline1-2 sentence overview of the article
    • Author bio w high-resolution headshot
  • Submissions should include an author bio as well as a high-resolution headshot
  • Ethisphere reserves final editorial decisions on all content submissions.

In addition to producing written content for our magazine and website, we also interview subjects for our video and podcasting series, Ethicast.

Ethicast publishes each week to YouTube as well as to podcasting platforms on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Amazon Music. The episodes also live in our resource centers on both the Ethisphere and Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) websites.

An Ethicast interview typically runs 15-20 minutes, and the recording session itself takes about 30 minutes. We record on the online platform StreamYard; Ethicast handles all technical aspects of the recording, editing and publishing processes.

All questions are provided in advance, and all recordings are edited to eliminate false starts, re-takes, etc. Additional guests (e.g., communications liaisons) are welcome to sit in on the recording in a special “off-stage” area where they can see the episode as it is being recorded, but not actually appear in the recording. Thus, if a guest wishes for Corporate Communications or Legal to be present during the recording, we can certainly accommodate that.

Ethicast episodes are promoted via Ethisphere social media channels and through our branded newsletters, such as Ethisphere Insights.

Typically, we try to schedule Ethicasts as far in advance as possible, but in recent months, the average lead time is 2-3 weeks between initial discussion and recording, with there being an initial conversation about appearing on the show, perhaps a follow-up discussion to nail down topics and questions (this is typically handled by email), and then the actual recording session.

Please send all editorial inquiries to Bill Coffin, Editor in Chief at [email protected].

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