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Testing Resilience: How Steely Resolve Will Deliver Us All from The Global Pandemic

The pandemic has altered the course of the world. It has been a global challenge leading to an unprecedented and difficult time for many. The challenges posed have not only been on an economic front but have also impacted us on an emotional and psychological level, too, testing our resilience as individuals as well as in the corporate setting. Despite strict norms being implemented to contain the virus, we have witnessed the shutting down of small businesses, rising unemployment and loss of livelihoods, a breakdown of health infrastructure, and an arduous transition to working remotely.

T.V. Narendran, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Steel, and President, CII

The resilience of our nation and our business ecosystem highlighted in the 2021 BELA South Asia magazine does offer some comfort. These stories illustrate how, in times of crisis, we can and should step up, stand united, and operate in a responsible, ethical, and symbiotic manner with all stakeholders.

If we look back at Tata Steel’s journey of over a century, we have faced several challenging situations. While admittedly none have had the far-reaching, global impact of COVID-19, we have managed to overcome difficulties through the commitment and drive of our colleagues, partners, and the community. The legacy and foresight of our leaders have guided us along the way. Our long-held principle to do what is right continues to be our moral compass.

We will overcome the pandemic and the challenges it poses while continuing to prove ourselves as a resilient organization. Being resilient and responsible is embedded in the DNA of Tata Steel. It serves as our beacon in times of trouble and guides us in our ambition to create a better tomorrow.

Joining the Indian business community, we have consistently worked to support our stakeholders. At Tata Steel, we adopted the “Agility with Care” business approach in which we introduced multiple pioneering policies. Our agile working model helped our plants continue functioning while ensuring the safety of our colleagues—something that is of paramount importance to us.

We prioritized our employee protection scheme to support the families of our colleagues who lost their lives to COVID-19. We remain committed to constantly evolving our workplace and investing in future-readiness. We have also collaborated and worked closely with several government and non-government agencies across the country to undertake COVID-19 relief work.

Through all of this, we ensured that there was no compromise in our ethics and integrity. Our fair and transparent dealings have allowed us to secure our place as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® for the tenth time. This recognition encourages us to further our journey towards sustainable development by focusing on the highest ethical values, the environment, and the wellbeing of our people and community.

Acts of kindness and empathy need to be woven into business processes whereby we help build resilient organizations and in turn a resilient world. Collaboration is the agent that binds us towards success. When all companies, government bodies, and non-government agencies across the world come together to craft stories of hope, resilience, positivity, and pride, we build a brighter future together.

This edition of Ethisphere’s BELA South Asia Magazine consists of an array of interesting and informative articles from a diverse set of leaders across India who have been battling the dreadful second wave of the virus. Stories from companies such as Accenture, Diageo India, Dell, Dr Reddy’s, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., 3M, and many more show us the true meaning of resilience.

Written by: T.V. Narendran CEO and Managing Director, Tata Steel, and President, CII

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