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Thrivent Financial on Corporate Culture: A Worthy Investment

Frank H. (Dick) Moeller, Austin, Texas, has served on the board of directors for Thrivent Financial since May 2005. Moeller is currently Chair of the board and a member of the Executive Committee of the board. More on Moeller below.

Taking Corporate Culture to the Next Level

No one can deny that ethical behavior is integral to the success of an organization; without it, poor decisions can ruin an organization’s reputation and severely impact financial results. When an organization creates a baseline expectation for ethical behavior, it can begin to realize business results and protect its reputation. However, when an organization goes further and builds a foundation that extols ethical behavior, the organization’s corporate culture will flourish. Employees and leaders alike will feel empowered to make ethical business decisions, report unethical conduct, and identify, promote and reward ethical behavior.

Build a foundation with your mission, vision and values

Dick Moeller, Thrivent Financial.

At Thrivent, we have the benefit of our history on our side. Our organization is a fraternal benefit society that began as a way for Lutherans to pool their resources to help one another in the event a family experienced the untimely death of a breadwinner. Today, that vision has grown to a Fortune 500 financial services membership organization that serves more than 2.3 million members nationwide – at our core, our mission remains unchanged. We help families be wise with money and live generously.

Set an example

If leaders live The Thrivent Way and champion ethical culture, employees will feel empowered to always do the right thing. Thrivent’s CEO was our voice for creating The Thrivent Way. Executives had and continue to have conversations with their teams about the importance of ethical behavior. It’s not uncommon to participate in an employee meeting and hear messages about the importance of ethical behavior from our senior leaders on stage.

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About the Author

Frank H. (Dick) Moeller is also the founder and president of Water to Thrive, a faith-based nonprofit organization that works to bring fresh water to rural Africa. Moeller has served on the boards of two public companies, seven private companies, two foundations, eight not-for-profit corporations and his church. He attends Triumphant Love Lutheran Church in Austin. Here’s more about Moeller.

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